An invitation has been extended for a Youth Band from Australia to join with other Youth Bands from around the Army world to represent The Salvation Army as they make history by marching in the "100 Years of Marching Celebration" at the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California.

With the recommendation of Lt Col. Lyn Edge, National Secretary for Mission,  a national youth band will be formed to represent the Australia Territory at this significant event, giving the opportunity for young musicians throughout Australia to be part of this very special occasion.

In addition to marching in the parade, those attending will also join together to participate in an International Music School run by the Southern California Division, sharing in music and faith with some of the Army’s finest leaders along with young Salvationist from around the world.

Proposed tour dates are:
Tuesday 26 December 2018 – Tuesday 8 January 2019.
Please note that formal qualifications are not required.

Expressions of interest are now closed. 
Should you require any further information
please feel free to contact:
Chris Brindley on

Australian Youth Band: Expression of interest for Tournament of Roses Parade 2019

A youth band project is an excellent launch pad for empowering young leaders from all divisions across the country into ministry. Members of the youth band will be encouraged to explore ministry and mission using the gifts, interests and abilities they have.

This significant event will encourage members to explore practical ways they can contribute to the leadership and development of those they influence. As Individuals, this may include coming alongside a leader in an existing ministry group or community engagement program or taking on leadership in their own right, supported by a mentoring network of the youth band and the contacts made on the tour.

Participation in this unique event will provide excellent opportunities for musical, spiritual and leadership development with an anticipated outcome that this will translate into young Salvationists being better equipped to support mission at the divisional, regional and corps level.

Tour Dates
Proposed tour dates are Tuesday 26 December 2018 – Tuesday 8 January 2019. The Southern California Division will host the band during this period.

Membership Requirements
Members of the Youth Band are required to be:
1. Aged between 15 – 30 years
2. Active members of their Corps Band [senior or junior]
3. Regular attenders at meetings at their corps and have the endorsement of their Corps Officer
4. Available for all rehearsals and performances as scheduled
5. Able to meet all financial requirements
6. Willing to play the instrument and part as allocated by the bandmaster

Exact details of the itinerary are still to be finalised. At this stage we can anticipate:
1. Rehearsals for and participation in The Rose Bowl Parade
2. Participation in the International Music School and Finale Concert
3. Individual Concerts in the Southern California Division
4. Participation in worship services at corps in the division
5. Performance at Disneyland

Capt. Steven Smith, Ken Waterworth, Chris Brindley and Jordan O'Brien have been appointed to coordinate the planning and execution of this event.

As required, members of the band will be invited to fill support roles for the tour.

The Band
The band will have full brass band instrumentation. Whilst we are keen to include as many members as possible, the band must be balanced.
Members of the band will be expected to work at improving their skill level during the period leading up to the tour. AMEB Grade 6, or equivalent, will be the minimum standard expected of members of the band.

Young people from all divisions across Australia are encouraged to apply. In the selection of band members we will be looking for representation from across the nation, aiming to have membership from each of the national divisions. (i.e. QLD, NSW/ ACT, VIC, TAS, SA/NT & WA),

Those wishing to participate in the band will be required to present for an audition.
Melbourne Saturday 9 December
Brisbane Friday 15 December
Sydney Saturday 16 December
Adelaide Monday 18 December
Perth Tuesday 19 December
Those unable to audition at one of these locations will be required to present for an audition via Skype at a time and date arranged prior to Friday 22 December 2017.

Audition Material is available from

Rehearsal Schedule (to be confirmed)
Adequate rehearsals will be required to bring the group up to the necessary standard. Rehearsals will take place in Melbourne. It is expected that all members of the band will attend all rehearsals as scheduled.
1. July 8 ‐ 13
2. October 12 – 14
3. December 26

Pre Tour Performances (to be confirmed)
We anticipate the band will have the opportunity for performances prior to leaving for the USA.
1. Friday 13 July
2. Sunday 14 October

Tour Costs
Whilst there are still details to confirm, it is anticipated that the total cost, including the pre tour rehearsals and the tour itself, will be $3500.
It is expected that this amount will be significantly reduced by anticipated donations and sponsorship. Don't let finances be a limitation to expressing your interest.
As our hosts, the Southern California Division will be responsible for expenses (including meals, accommodation and transport) once we arrive in USA.

Tour Payments
To secure airfares, a non-refundable deposit of $300 will be required by February 1, 2018.
To assist with total payment, a tour monthly payment schedule will be established with the final payment being completed by 30 November 2018.

Further Information
Should you require any further information please feel free to contact Capt. Steven Smith on
Are you under the age of 18? *

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Individual Record and Permission Form

Parents/guardians should read and complete this form giving details about the child/young person. The permission/indemnity sections should be carefully read and a response given to each section. Please read the privacy notice at the end of the form.

Salvation Army Youth/Children's workers are required to undergo child protection screening and training in safety and care procedures and duty of care.
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Those unable to audition at one of these locations will be required to present for an audition via Skype at a time and date arranged prior to Friday 22 December 2017.

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Thank you for expressing interest in the Australian Youth Band - Tournament of Roses Parade 2019.

Personnel for the band will be announced by Friday 8 January 2018.

Should you require any further information please feel free to contact
Capt. Steven Smith on
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